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Tours of Williamsburg

30 years in the business of Historical Interpretation


HOLIDAY TOURS (these tours go from November 26 to January 1st)

"Tales of Christmas Past and Present"

During this one-hour walking tour of the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area, discover how Colonial Virginians celebrated Christmastide, how our modern-day Christmas traditions began, and how the Colonial Williamsburg style of decorating came to be. Meet some Historical people along your way.                                  Cost $25 per person

"Christmas on the Homefront:Williamsburg 1943"

This one-hour tour takes you to Williamsburg during WWII.  How are people at home dealing with rationing, blackout drills and all the servicemen in town.  This is a character tour.                                                   Cost $25 per person

















"Discover Colonial Williamsburg

During this one-hour walking tour learn the History of Colonial Williamsburg, from the founding of Jamestown to the restoration of the Historic Area.  You will also learn how to navigate Colonial Williamsburg, attend programming, and interact with various staff members.                 Cost $20 per person

"The Reverend and the Millionaire"

During this one-hour tour, discover how a sleepy southern town was restored to its former colonial splendor with the dream of Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin and the backing of Mr. John D. Rockefeller Jr.      Cost $20 per person


"What says Virginia: A. Question of Independence

(For Mature Audiences only and only in the evening)

"Murder and Scandal Tour"

This one-hour tour shows you the darker side of Williamsburg.  Murders, seedy trails, gossip and mayhem told by a character who witnessed it all.  What goes on when the lights go out and people do things they ought not do.                                                                    Cost  $20  per person

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